Arizona Common Questions

How Do I Know if I Should Choose Arizona?
You typically choose the state in which you and/or your spouse reside. If some some reason you need a different state after starting, we make this change for you at no charge.
Can I Use 3StepAgreementTM if I Have Children?
Yes. The system and your Agreement addresses all the issues regarding your children, including but not limited to, custody arrangements, visitation and time-sharing, child support, and medical coverage.
How Long Will it Take Until I Have My Arizona Separation Agreement?
The process takes an average of 1 hour to answer the required questions. Your Agreement is instantly available for printing from your own computer once you answer the questions.
What if I Can Not Answer All the Questions?
You may answer the questions at your own pace. The system automatically saves your answers and you may log in and out of your account as needed to answer the questions. Answers to the questions may be changed at any time.
Where and How Do I File My Agreement?
Your Agreement is typically only filed with the court if you are filing for a "Legal Separation." If you are filing for a "Legal Separation" in Arizona, you file your Agreement along with your Petition or Complaint at your local county courthouse. Keep in mind that most people DO NOT file for a "Legal Separation"; therefore they do not file their Separation Agreement with the court. They simply use their Separation Agreement as a legal binding contract up until the time they decide to divorce.
Do I Have to Hire a Lawyer?
The system is designed to help you prepare and execute your Arizona Separation Agreement. Should you need or desire legal advice or should your situation become contested, we do suggest you contact a divorce lawyer or in your area.
What Will the Separation Agreement Address?
Your Agreement addresses a variety of issues pertaining to the property, debt, marital home, retirement accounts, small businesses, spousal support, child custody, visitation, child support, health insurance, and tax filings.
Can I Print Multiple Versions of the Separation Agreement?
Yes. This is very common and often done throughout the negotiation period. You may make unlimited changes and print your Agreement as many times as you like at no additional charge.
Does the Separation Agreement Have to Be Notarized?
Yes. The Agreement should be notarized and must be signed by you and your spouse. This can be done at different times and locations.
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Every judge and lawyer will tell you to never rely on a verbal agreement, which is why everyone who is separating or divorcing in Arizona should have a written and signed Separation Agreement.

Our Arizona Premium Separation Agreement Software is the easiest and most affordable way to effectively resolve your marital issues in writing. From your own home, without waiting and spending hours of time, you will have your own separation agreement in typically less than 1 hour.

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Why Have an Arizona Separation Agreement?

1. A Separation Agreement will settle in writing all of your marital issues, thus protecting you and your spouse up until you decide to divorce. Most separations last much longer than expected, so it is essential that important issues like financial matters, property and debts, custody, visitation, and support are expressed in writing in a legal binding agreement.

2. A Separation Agreement is often the official legal document used to settle the marital issues upon divorce. Your final judgment or decree for divorce may reference the Agreement and the court will order your divorce according to the contents of the Agreement.

3. Getting a "Legal Separation" is also a valid reason to have a separation agreement. Legal Separations are not very popular in Arizona (most Arizona lawyers do not even do them). The legal separation filing process is very similar to a divorce, so rarely is it the first option. If you are considering a legal separation, here are some of the laws regarding Arizona legal separations:

Irretrievable breakdown of the marriage or that 1 spouse desires to live separate and apart are the grounds for legal separation in Arizona. However, if the marriage is a "covenant marriage," the grounds for legal separation are the same as the grounds for a general dissolution of a "covenant marriage" listed above, under Legal Grounds for Dissolution of Marriage. One of the spouses must live in the state of Arizona when the action for legal separation is filed. No residency time limit is specified. If 1 spouse objects to a legal separation, the case will be amended to be an action for dissolution of the marriage. [Arizona Revised Statutes Annotated; Title 25, Chapters 313, 901, and 903].

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